The restoration of the Launceston Municipal Council Ambulance
Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
Mick Peart, Terry Jones, Ashley Monks and Paul Herdzik
From The Examiner, September 10, 1921
"New ambulance for city"
"Complete with lights and splints"
“A splendid new motor ambulance has been provided for the ailing in Launceston.
Recently inspected by the Mayor, Ald. A.W. Monds, and the committee appointed by the city council to deal with the question of provision of ambulances, the new ambulance was pronounced very satisfactory.
I see from the pages of The Examiner that the new motor ambulance has been converted from a horse-drawn vehicle by Mr F.Paine, carriage builder. It is to be utilised for infectious cases while there will also be one available for cases of sickness and accident.
The vehicle is equipped in a most up-to-date fashion with the latest and best appliances, including two portable stretchers, and three drawers containing up to date requisites, first aid outfit, splints etc.
The body of the ambulance is of cedar panelling and English ash, and is painted in carmine with
Mick Peart, Terry Jones, Ashley Monks and Paul Herdzik
Small Torque June 2023 — Page 23
white panels and a red cross.
The two headlights are electric, but acetylene lamps are installed at the sides and inside the ambulance.”
The restoration has been a fantastic club activity keeping busy and engaged all who wished to get involved, or even as spectators offering advice.
To construct a vehicle as close as possible to the original is truly remarkable, with only some faded black & white photos from nearly 100 years ago to go on.
Special thanks must be given to Terry Jones, who has owned the vehicle for many years, and has put a lot of time and funds into its restoration, but wasn’t sure how to do the timber work. So about 3 years ago he asked “Can anyone help me get started with this?”
And of course to Mick Peart and Paul Herdzik who put their hands up and said “yes, we can do that” and have devoted every Friday morning and more to the effort. And I came along at the last minute and did the upholstery.
Theres still a few small jobs to go like getting the electricals period correct, but it starts, goes, stops and is nearly ready for another patient.
Bob Wickham
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