Presidents Prattle October 2023
Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
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I would like to start this prattle with a message of sympathy to Andrew McDougall and all of his family after the passing of their mother and grand-mother, and our esteemed Life Patron Judy. Judy was a role model to the Club for all the years I have been a member and for quite a few years prior to that. It is hard to imagine the Siddeley Deasy without Judy riding in it.

Now to the usual message for this time of year. If you haven’t renewed your membership yet please do so straight away as you cease to be a member on September 30th unless you have made some arrangement with your section treasurer. If you don’t intend to renew please have the courtesy to let your treasurer know so they are not left in the dark, sending out reminders.
At the last executive meeting we had the same discussion we have every year about the best way of letting members know that subs are due. Up until a few years ago we all got a blank renewal form tucked into the middle of Small Torque, most of which were thrown out because very few members realized what they were. Since then, and with the benefit of modern computer soft-ware and printing techniques we have had the cover of the July magazine as an individual renewal as the cover sheet addressed to every member. If any-one has a suggestion as to how we can stop people throwing their renewal away and making the job a lot easier for the treasurers please let us know.

Planning is well underway for both next years annual State Tour thanks to Mike and Marion Cassidy, and the National Veteran Tour in November 2024, so make sure you keep these events in your diaries. The State tour as always is held on the March long weekend, this time based around the Launceston area.

Congratulations go to Terry and Pat Campbell whose 1910 Russell (see the cover of Small Torque January 2023), is now on the road ready for the trip to NSW for this years National Tour, and also to Mick Peart and Dawn who are also heading off in the Belsize. I don’t know how many other VCCA (Tas) people are going but have a great time.

We are planning a bit of a do at the Northern Clubrooms to show the 1929 Dodge ambulance to the public some time in the latter part of October so keep an eye on the website for details.

Happy Motoring, Joe Clippingdale