Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
Presidents Prattle April 2023
Hello fellow members. The North West Section has just completed the 66th. Annual State Tour and the weather stayed fine for us for the three days of the event. There was a reasonably good turn out with 35 cars attending, but disappointingly only three from the Southern Section. I know it is a long way to travel, but for those who attended, everyone appeared to enjoy themselves with a visit to Steamfest in Sheffield, a run to Waratah and the final days’ run to Mole Creek, at all times taking in fantastic scenery and good weather. I am sure there will be more written about the Tour and prizes in Small Torque.
Participation in club events is crucial if we are to continue running them and seeking sponsorship.

If the club is not out and seen by the General Public then sponsorship will diminish and make these events unviable, because there is nothing more conducive to generating sponsorship than being highly visible in the public domain and on the Club’s website. At Steamfest we selected a small child from the crowd to select a car of his choice and we then presented him with a small prize for his efforts. The huge smile on his face and also the faces of his parents, gave our members much pleasure.

This we hope will generate interest and may be a future club member (who knows) but we must keep trying to introduce younger members because without them the club will cease to exist.
You will find the Nomination forms for Sectional positions for 2023/24 in this addition of Small Torque so I implore you to consider who you want to select to administer the Club to move forward into the future. This choice is yours as a member, so if you can’t find the time to make a recommendation or accept the challenge, then don’t complain about the people that fill the positions and undoubtedly do their best.
Doug Eastley
Your State President