1950/51 Studebaker
Sedan in good condition. Contact: Joe Skeggs Phone: 6344 4449
23” tyre
any condition, to suit rolling chassis
Contact: Ross Carey
Phone: 0407 477 470
Vintage Tourer – Older Resto or original. Some probs OK. Will travel to view.
Scott 0409 577 654.
CAV or LUCAS, long or short horn
And CAV Dynamo - 12 Volt - Ratchet pulley
Please contact Mike Purdon on 0475 418 126 or email mrp@purdon.id.au
If your a club member and you need something for you car  email me and I will include it here
Contact Webmaster

Restoring a
1923 Vauxhall 14 40 and am seeking a set of windscreen support posts similar to the ones shown in the picture.
Please contact Noel Richardson on 0439 348 710 or noel.i.richardson@gmail.com
Chrysler motor and gearbox 1930 to 1940 look at whole car.
Please phone Tony Thompson on 0427 818 166.
Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
I am after the following

Spread light lens suited to A Model Ford
Morris Commercial Lowry period 1928

Size 8 1/2 inch x 7 7/16 inch

Round / Flat


Morris Commercial Lowry -  Radiator Cap (1928)

John Vickers - Hobart VCCA

Mobile - 0428 814 635

Kind regards

Hi,  I’m a new member of the Northern Tasmanian section of the club and I’m looking for a couple of items to finalise my restoration as detailed below

1) Jaeger Fuel Gauge MGA
Type FG2530/05 or GF2530/48
Unfortunately The MGA sender unit resistance is lower and reversed as compared to later MG’s so the gauge with an 05 or 48 suffix is required (the later smiths gauges will not work)
2) MGA or Morris minor Spare tyre clamping bracket
Kind Regards
David O'Brien
Email baigup2@hotmail.com
Phone 0431942846
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Side Valve DODGE Engine and
1955 to 59 FORD CUSTOMLINE for restoration or parts. Phone 0499 091142.
From Johannes Schuurman
My main Interest is the Chrysler group of cars Dodge Plymouth etc, Recently I came a across a Tasmanian  coachbuilders  by the name of Parsons and Gilmour and in a article they it mentioned that they also put a Body on a Dodge ,
1. would you good folk have a Parson & Gilmour Dodge? I am also looking for the earliest surviving 1924 Chrysler 6 attached is the monthly e com. Publication  any advise help would be appreciated


0499 238 669
Small Upholstery Jobs
Seats, door cards etc
Leather or vinyl.
Using new or old material to suit your preferred look.
Bob Wickham
0419 746 867